Moving in the summer? If so, you’ve probably already hired a local moving company – and if you haven’t, you might need to round-up several of your closest friends to help you. Most movers are booked well in advance during the summer.

Plan to feed your helpers, and provide lots of bottled water. Keep a bottle of sunscreen handy, too. Then follow these tips for a hassle-free moving day:

Color-Code Your Boxes

If you have a large crew helping you move, they’ll need to know where to put boxes in your new apartment. A simple color-coding system makes it easy for helpers to put boxes in the right place. And while it’s not summer-specific, this tip will definitely help you keep your cool – you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for after the move is complete.

Using markers or stickers, mark a box with a particular color, based on where you want it to be, and put corresponding colors in your new apartment. So, for example, put a piece of blue wall-safe tape on your kitchen cabinet and on all the boxes containing your dishes and cookware. Stick yellow Post-it notes on the wall where you’ll be setting up your entertainment center and on your audio/visual components.

Turn on the Air-Conditioning

Allow a few days of overlap time with your current lease and your new lease, so you can access your new apartment before move-in day. Turn on the air in your new place and “pre-chill” your apartment before you move in. Stock the fridge with bottled water, too.

Take Stock of Vulnerable Items

Note any items you’re moving that are susceptible to damage from heat and sunlight: musical instruments, vinyl records, delicate electronics, candles, and food, for example. If possible, move all such items yourself in one air-conditioned carload. Start your car and let the interior cool down before loading your car.

Apartments in Plainfield Indiana

The Ascent Apartments in Plainfield have units available for summer move-ins. Our pet-friendly luxury apartments are close to downtown Indianapolis and right next to The Shops at Perry Crossing. And when you move in during the summer, you can stay cool in our resort-style saltwater pool.

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