When should you consider hiring an interior decorator? Maybe when your sofa isn’t as stunning as it once was, or your walls are in need of some new art, or you’re just ready for a change. If you live in a luxury apartment, it should feel luxurious, and sometimes, a fresh new look can really ramp-up the elegance of a space.

Check out these tips for hiring and working with a decorator:

Ask for Recommendations

If you live in an apartment community that offers furnished short-term rentals, your property manager can probably recommend a decorator, and if not, ask friends and family for recommendations.

Set a Budget

Your budget should account for furniture, decor, and your decorator’s time. You can save money by doing some of the work yourself, rather than having the decorator handle every detail of your redesign. (Also, student decorators or recent graduates generally have lower hourly rates than a well-known decorator with years of professional experience).

If you’re not in the market for a full-service makeover, decorators can typically put together a plan that includes color schemes, fabric recommendations, examples – and perhaps a 3-D layout that shows you where furniture should go.

Communicate Well

Your decorator will want to know about your tastes in decor and how you use your space. Point out any pieces of decor in your home that you couldn’t live without, and explain why you like them. Thumb through some home design magazines to find images of you like, and share those with your decorator.

Be Flexible

The process of redesigning a space is a collaboration – your decorator may suggest alternatives to your ideas, or present new types of styles and colors you hadn’t considered. Trust the decorator’s expertise.

Ask About Timelines

Depending on the scope of your design project, it could be completed within a day or two of agreement upon a final plan. However, if your decorator is ordering custom pieces for your apartment, the timeframe could be much longer. Make sure your decorator’s proposal or contract includes timelines.

Luxury Living in Plainfield

The Ascent Apartments in Plainfield features a variety of floor plans, along with fully furnished apartments available through our partnership with National Corporate Housing. If you’re looking for an upscale apartment with a modern vibe, call us today to schedule a tour: (317) 483-0878.

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